Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mug Shot Capture System - A Smart Shot Every Time

Having been in the mug shot capture business for a long time, we have come to know what makes a mug shot compliant with national standards and therefore most usable in suspect and criminal proceedings. So we designed a world-class system that made sure each photo taken, no matter by whom, at what time, or under what conditions, would meet those compliance standards.

As experts in this field, we decided to create this blog to discuss mug shot capture issues -- not only the latest related technologies, but also those infamous mug shots seen on the Internet (because many of those, no matter how entertaining they may be, are simply not NIST complaint). In this blog, you will find information relevant to this critical police product. Our other products include a body worn video system, facial recognition software, a biometric fingerprint system, voice recognition technology, and license plate scanning software, as well as integrated records management systems and consulting solutions.

The combination and employment of many innovative tools is what makes preventing crime and apprehending suspects most effective. The talent and dedication of the police officers, as well as the use of the most advanced products and resources available can be the best defense - and offense - in this unpredictable and extreme line of business.

Our founder - a veteran police officer, our developers, business partners, programmers and associates all have that same focus: to make law enforcement more effective, efficient and precise. Biometric cameras and mug shot capture systems are just small parts of this formula. A significant, buzz-worthy part lately - especially when you consider how many celebrity mug shot we see in a given month these days. And you will find not only the buzz about this topic here, but also the proven results of this showcased tool in aiding law enforcement personnel.

As always, you can find general police product information and the latest news at our Hunter Systems Group Blog. We hope you enjoy them both, and we look forward to hearing your own thoughts and comments on these topics as well.

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